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Madoka Chiba


Millet, LED Lights, Water Polymers, Nutrient, Petri dish, Mixed Media
Dimension Variable

Exhibition at Gallery Off-Grid, Fukushima

It consisted of three LED lights in a mixture of red and blue, a water-absorbing polymer containing nutrients, and millet which was sown in the top of the polymer. The millet planted in the center of the piece receives light not only from above, but also from the side and underneath, and the absorbent polymer is able to constantly retain water. An environment with plenty of light and water must certainly be a utopia for plants. However, in hydroponics, which does not use soil, it is difficult for plants to leave behind offspring, and in this piece, it isn’t possible for the roots to go very deep, so from another perspective, it is a harsh environment. The triangles formed by the LED lights hint at the instability contained within this utopia.

The seeds of this work were sown on November 8, 2019, the first day of the exhibition, and will be nurtured until the end of the exhibition on January 31, 2020.


粟 LEDライト 吸水ポリマー 栄養剤 ペトリ皿 ミクストメディア




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